+234-902-199-3523 info@veritasvision.org
+234-902-199-3523 info@veritasvision.org

Gift a Product

Your gift of any of our life-changing products will be donated directly to families living in extreme poverty that we identify during our field works. 
Sunking Pro 2

Long-lasting portable light and device charger.

Sunking Pico

72 hours of high power light after a single day of charge.

Sunking Boom

solar-lamp with Radio, MP3 player and Mobile Phone Charging.

FocusSpec Glasses

Self-adjustable glasses, supported by very cheap prescription lenses.

Envirofit Supersaver Premium Charcoal Stove

The fastest boiling charcoal stove on the market.

Envirofit Smartsaver Charcoal

The economical charcoal stove that cooks more for less. 

Sponsor a community

100% of your donation will go to families in a neglected and impoverished community in Nigeria.