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+234-902-199-3523 info@veritasvision.org

Energy Poverty

Our solutions to energy poverty is cost-effective solar lamps that also come with mobile charger and music.


There are over 100 million people in Nigeria without access to electricity. Indeed, even in Nigerian homes with electricity, the quality of service provided is often intermittent while growing increasingly unaffordable. The vast majority of these people rely on kerosene lamps for lighting. Use of kerosene has direct adverse effects relating to a person’s health, safety and general well-being.


When kerosene is burnt, it releases particulate matter, carbon monoxide, sulphur dioxide and various nitrogen oxides. Exposure to these pollutants has a multitude of detrimental effects on a person’s health, primarily an increase in the risk of respiratory infections. In addition, families using kerosene lamps risk being burnt by the open flame, as well as fires in their home that can destroy what little property they have.


The light from a kerosene lamp is very weak, meaning people cannot work and children cannot study after the sun goes down. A typical kerosene lamp delivers between 1 and 6 lux of light. In contrast, typical western standards suggest a minimum of 300 lux for tasks such as reading.


Kerosene also emits carbon which contributes to climate change. For every litre of kerosene burnt, around 2.5kg of carbon dioxide is produced (source). Around 8% of carbon emitted by kerosene is in the form of black carbon, which is much more potent than ordinary CO2. It is estimated that 1kg of black carbon in the atmosphere for a month contributes as much warming as 700kg of CO2 in the atmosphere for 100 years!


Our Products

Our Visioneers bring the solar lamps to the doorsteps of our beneficiaries, educate them on how to use the product and how it can help improve their productivity and quality of life, and offer them the choice to come up with a payment plan if necessary. See details about the different solar lamps we carry below.

Sunking Pro 2

Long-lasting portable light and device charger. The ultimate tool for homes and businesses to stay lit all night and connected all day. 

Sunking Pico

Ultra-affordable study and task light for families living off the electric grid. The Pico provides up to 72 hours of high power light after a single day of charge.

Sunking Boom

Play music on a solar lamp. Sun King Boom, is the first ever solar-powered lantern with a Radio, MP3 player and Mobile Phone Charging from Sun King. 



Our solution to tackle the unclean cooking problem is the Envirofit Clean Cookstoves that uses charcoal and offers clean cooking, reduction in pollution emitted and cooking time, and our beneficiaries see almost instant economical savings compared to amount spent on conventional kerosene cookstoves or open fires.


Donate NOW

You can donate the amount of money of these products to help millions of people like Ikechuwu. You can also directly support a whole community.