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Dirty Cooking

An estimated 130 million people in Nigeria still rely on kerosene cookstoves and solid fuels for household cooking.


These traditional technologies and practices cause pollution, many serious health problems and loss of productive time.


Emission of harmful substances such as carbon monoxide, particulates, benzene and formaldehyde at levels up to 100 times higher than the recommended limits set by WHO, cause indoor air pollution. The pollution that these people inhale daily in their homes is equivalent to smoking two packets of cigarettes every day. Also these traditional technologies place  pressure on natural resources and contribute to climate change.  


Toxic fumes cause severe health problems such as child pneumonia, lung cancer, acute lower respiratory infections and chronic obstructive pulmonary disease. Exposure to smoke also causes cataracts, and is the leading cause of blindness in developing countries. In small and poorly ventilated tents that comprise many slum communities, these effects are compounded, and are felt most by women and young children. Indeed, indoor air pollution is the second largest cause of premature death in women and young children. 


Women and often children spend up to 8 hours per day on collecting wood and preparing food. This means a loss of productive time, which could be better spent on income generation, education or other activities, and puts women and children at risk when they need to leave the safety of their communities to search for wood and other fuels.



Our Products

Our Visioneers bring the solar lamps to the doorsteps of our beneficiaries, educate them on how to use the product and how it can help improve their productivity and quality of life, and offer them the choice to come up with a payment plan if necessary. See details about the different solar lamps we carry below.

Envirofit Supersaver Premium Charcoal Stove

The most powerful, fastest boiling charcoal stove on the market. With unparalleled durability, this stove is easy to light, clean, and simmer foods on. 

Envirofit Smartsaver Charcoal

The economical charcoal stove that cooks more for less. Featuring an easy-light door that enables easy lighting and cleaning. It helps you cook quickly and save money on charcoal.



Our solution is low-cost, durable, and self-adjustable glasses which are supported by very cheap prescription lenses and accompanied by the provision of community vision screenings, eye drops and referrals.


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You can donate the amount of money of these products to help millions of people like Ikechuwu. You can also directly support a whole community.